day #4 : something green

so the theme is Something Green and I have a lot of Green View photo collection that was taken randomly when I’m in Bali, this is one of them

Honestly, I don’t remember where the hell is that and I’m not even sure if that is a famous spot but since there are some Bule that use that spot for their narsis moment, so lets pretend that its a famous spot :D. You can see a lot of place with green view like that, especially in Ubud or Tabanan area (rice fields everywhere hehe).

And what about now? I can still see a lot of greenies since I live in a mountain area now.  I even have my own little green in front of my room that I got in “Hari menanam pohon” last time. Not sure what this little fellow is since I’m bad at Biology. its not a weed, isn’t it?

is this a weed?

is this a weed?

Anyway, that photo is taken with (again) my phone camera 😀


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