day #6 : obsession

There are a lot of cats in my boarding house, and for some unknown reason, they obsessed with BOX. any kind of box!! a toolbox where you put shovel and other gardening materials, an empty box that you want to throw away, or even a cardboard that you used for trash bin. When they see it, they just go inside it and use it for anything they want. Feed their children, sleeping, or even worse, as a toilet >_<.

They usually just wandering around in the lobby (we have a lobby with a giant TV that people used to watch soccer together) scratching the curtain, relaxing in the chair, and sometimes watching TV (yes, they do that :D), but when they see a box, they just go wild and if there are more than 2 cats seeing the box, they will fight for it (well, not really fight actually. just growl and intimidate the other cats not to go closer to the box), and whoever win that fights will get the ownership (until the real owner come and claim that box haha). Thats why lately we put all the box in a closed room and fold the cardboard when we throw it away so they won’t mess with it :p

Cat in the Box

Cat in the Box

Its not considered as cheat post right? i mean the theme simply says obsession, not “My obsession” :p. Honestly, I don’t really know if I have that kind of things. I mean I don’t have any particular things that occupied my mind, I don’t have any particular goal that I want to achieve. As a child, I don’t even have a dream or future goals about what I wan’t to be and usually tells random thing about want to be a doctor or teacher when people ask me so they wont nag me :p.

I think the closest thing that can be considered as my obsession is Games. I usually spent my idle time playing some games and with enough foods, I can spend a couple days in my room playing games :D. I don’t have any particular games that I like (but I don’t like sports :p). But I can also live without games so I’m not sure if I can say that as an obsession

so just choose one of the photo above as valid photo for this theme and don’t get obsessed, just deal with it, OK? 😀

bot photos was taken with my phone camera


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