I am an unorganized person, anyone can tell that when they see my room. I have 2 beds in my room, one for me to sleep and the other one is multi purpose area where i put a lot of random stuffs there. Unfolded laundry, books that i currently read, papercraft project, emergency ration… basically anything.

Same things happens in my office desk. Reference materials, paperworks, scratch paper, and also plamo laying around on my desk. Its quite useful when someone come and ask me to get some document,it also makes me looks busy when i’m not around even if I have nothing to do at the moment :p.

Despite that fact, i never miss any deadlines in my work. I always make plans for every single task I had . Does it mean that I follow my plan? Hell no. on the contrary, i am a moody person and on a good day can happilly work until late and not complain about anything while on a crazy day, i can decide to take 30 minutes break and end up watching 5 seasons of tv series :p. These are several things that i usually do when i’m doing some work with deadline

1. Sticky Notes

I put sticky notes withtimelines on my window. For normal people, it keep track and works as a reminder. But it also good way to deal with nosy people, block their vision in subtle ways 😐

2. Over Estimate

Double your estimation, even for a simple task. Shit happens, everything that can ruin your plan will come. Since i get distracted easily, the extra time comes in handy πŸ˜€

3. Effective Work

I use my time effectively, doesn’t mean keep working until I finish my job. When i’m not in the mood to do something, forcing myself to work leads to disaster. It produce stupid ideas, low quality work, and basically just waste of time.

4. Keep Busy

sometimes i completes everything ahead of schedule, even have some spare time to double check everything. Based on my past experience, it means more assigned job, and sometimes even worse, doing someone else job !!!. So the best thing to do is pretend to be busy :|. Scatter everything in your desk, browse for civil war or anything available in wikipedia. If your colleague nearby, you can looks busy by type something. Try to create a new blog post for example 😐



4 thoughts on “Deadline

  1. aku ga suka sticky note. jadinya ambil kertas coret2 trus ditaro di depan layar. yang terakhir itu kadang temen nanya SERIUS AMAT?? padahal ngeblog atau main buzzfeed atau baca apalah :p


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